Living Statues, Interactive Tables and Talking Heads

Need an original and unique experience that sets the mood? We offer a variety of Interactive Living Art characters. Our characters can greet your guests as they enter the room by setting the mood for a truly “special” event. The Living Statues can pose perfectly still, leaving your guests wondering if they are real statues or they can be interactive, talking to your guests and surprising them with a tap on the shoulder or by lifting their hat or their drink as they pass by. They can even stun your guests by suddenly coming to life to sing a song or recite poetry. The Living Statues have also been incorporated into stage shows and presentations.


We provide the very best stilt walkers and stilt walking acts for any type of event. Whether your event is corporate, retail, festival, community, street, private, educational or promotional we can provide the right stilt walking acts for you. We offer an array of costuming and themes. We also have stilt walkers who are multi-skilled and can provide juggling or balloon sculpting. If you are having an evening event, inquire about our Lighting Stilt Costumes.