The Flipbook

Need a fun takeaway item for your holiday event? Then the flipbook is the interactive item guests will be talking about!

So, what is a Flipbook?

Simply put, a Flipbook is an exciting and new product that can bring energy and social interaction to any event with our mobile flip book studio. In less than two minutes, your guests film a seven second video that we convert into individual frames. We cut and collate the frames into a flip book and wrap it in a customized cover. There is no waiting for your guests to have a custom keepsake that is fun, new and entertaining! Looking for a great way to get your guests, party goers or meeting participants interacting and excited? The Flipbook station is there to create that buzz at your event through its contagious ability to get people involved. Set up a flip book mobile studio and see the crowd it attracts. We provide a Flipbook Studio at your event, a custom cover with standard art work or client provided artwork, (2) production staff for the event, standard props and all of the flipbooks that are created during the event time.